Evolving Human Potential

What if you had the ability to write your future through healing your past?

The Mind is Predictive not Reactive

The fastest way to build the life you truly want is to learn the tools to change what you have already learned.

As intuitive as it feels to think the brain is triggered by the outside world and that an outside event create an emotion, action, reaction or experience because it is literately how we experience our life, we must update our understanding of how the brain works in conjunction with the latest scientific discoveries from neuroscience.

The brain combines sensory input from the outside world, sensory input from inside our bodies and the concepts we grew up with to make meaning of the world via predictions, all outside of our awareness and this is how it constructs our experience.

This means we never make a conscious decision in our lives, ever. The brain constructs the way we act in the moment outside of our awareness and we can only be aware of the decision we have made after the brain has created it.


Claim your dreams and own your life. Have the ability to overcome any adversity. Become stronger, more confident, resilient, and focused on what really matters. Taking control of every aspect of your life


Get the tools that allow you to handle any situation or people with confidence, resilience and control. You win when you can go for it without doubt, fear or hesitation. Your business needs these tools.


The biggest factor for understanding others is understanding ones-self. Great relationships come from knowing who we are first. Learn the tools so you can heal your past to create smooth current and future relationships.


Sport is 100 percent physical and 100 percent mental. How much time are you spending on the mental? Self-esteem, emotional intelligence, resilience and grit are skills you can learn. So don’t waist the best genetic years of your life being held back by your mind.

What Is Transcendent Psychosynthesis Coaching?

The conscious mind is only 5% of who we are. The remaining 95% is a set of subconscious learned states which control the personality and the body. This is the part of our mind where all our predictions come from. We must go beyond the analytical mind and enter into the operating system of the subconscious programs to create new thoughts, new emotions, better predictions and new outcomes in everyday interactions.

Who Is WeTranscend’s Method For?

If you are not satisfied with any area of your life or you want to be the best in your chosen field, contact us for a free exploratory phone call. We known that the brain can change throughout our lives, both intentionally and unintentionally. It does this by creating new neural pathways and new connections to create new levels of thinking and performance. We are not hardwired to be the same for the rest of our life, as further represented by neuroplasticity. If you would like to learn how we can teach you to heal and grow on your own, using the WeTranscend Method, schedule a free call to explore if our approach will work for you.

Our method is One on One that meets you where you are.  No group meetings or prerecorded videos this is a custom and personal process with us serving only as guide/teacher/coach for your to learn how to do the work. This is your Life, own it.

What is The Process Like?

First, you schedule a free call with one of our practitioners to see if WeTransend and the process of Transcendent Psychosynthesis is for you. Second, the process  begins with you having a deep experience of who you are and who you are not while learning practical and simple skills to incorporate what you are truly capable of in your daily life.  Third, you build on this practice over the next 21 days.  The better you want to be, the more you need to grow. It never stops.  This is why we teach you the tools and the conditioning to incorporate these techniques into your every moment, to change your reality, instead of trying to be who you were or someone who you are not. 

1. Start with a Free Introductory Call

To really understand how we can serve you the best, we need to get to know you, find out about what you are trying to achieve, or the problem that you are trying to overcome. This conversation will enable you to get a feel for the coaching you are seeking. It will also expand your understanding of what you are getting yourself into by means of the method, time comment, costs, and what is required from you to succeed.

The first topic that we establish on the call is, can the education and training that we offer, help you in your particular situation? This is the most important factor for you. If we are able to help you, then it is a matter of, do you feel like we are the right fit? If we decide that we are not the right fit, either one of us will know on the call so you will be able to find something else that could be a better match. This interaction is vital for our relationship. You have to be comfortable with us as our coaches have to be comfortable with you so that we are able to realize peak satisfaction.

Our program meets you where you are at right from the start and then allows you to grow to whatever level you want to achieve. Please understand that we are here to assist you in your growth and we will enable you to cut years off your life education helping you achieve your goals sooner than you thought possible.

2. Sign up for the Foundations System

The program is designed for you to learn the tools in order for  you to never have to rely on another guru or program again. You are taught how to fish so that you will always be able to feed your soul. You will be taught the mental skill to train yourself to live your life to the fullest, how to think, what to think, why to think it and a way to change anything you don’t like about your current situation. You will come to the understanding that there is always more in this world and this means that there are unlimited growth opportunities. All that is needed to be able to maximize these opportunities when they arrive is by having the skills and mindset necessary to see everything as growth.

3. Work 1 on 1 with our expert staff for personal growth.

All of our training in the initial phases of the program is with your one on one personal coach. This has been designed specifically for the purpose of your rapid transformation and growth. Our experience has shown us that if you have a one on one coach that is only focused on you, it will speed your progress well above that of group coaching or seminars. Once you have developed and practiced the skills that are taught to you in the one on one coaching you can become independent.  Knowing that you have learned the skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life or if you so choose, you will have the opportunity to become one of us by entering the facilitator training program and possibly joining Team Transcend.

4. You learn the tools to be able to heal yourself.

If everything above has made sense to you and you have been on a call with one of our coaches, it’s time to book your intro session in the Fundamentals Program and get started. Click on the link and book your intro call here

5. Our staff follows up to make sure that you have success.

When you have completed the program your coach will be available to you for ongoing support if you need clarity or assistance with something that is too big for you to handle in the moment. It’s always good to have an available team to back you up if you get stuck. The fastest way forward is to ask for help when you can’t see a solution to a problem, which is why you have your own coach. Book a time to schedule your first one on one call here.

Coaching Packages


Start working with our team to learn the who, what, where, and how of the mind and psyche. Learn how to navigate the aspects of you that are holding YOU back and stopping YOU from living your best life.

Full Experience

Once you have mastered the Fundamentals, we take you deep as you already have the skills to re-map your consciousness. You will be taken into your past and clear the unconscious memories, that you do not even realize are holding you back.

Learn More

We ask you the questions you would not think to ask yourself. This clears the way for your brain to make better predictions and choices in the future. 

The deeper you go, and the more memories you can re-map,  the more you will create future outcomes in your performance, emotional wellbeing, relationships, and your life will be able to change for the better.

Sign up for this package to heal life-long patterns, find your freedom, expand your future, and be your best self.

Certified Coaching Program

Many of the people that we work with have had such a dramatic change in their own life they want to teach people the WeTranscend Method. If you have completed the full experience and want to become a Certified WeTranscend coach click below to apply.

About Our System

WeTranscend’s Founder Tony Priddle‘s development throughout his entire life has guided him here, but it has been from 40 years old through today, where Tony has been focused on uncovering and evolving the education and coaching required for people to achieve their best in whatever it is that they are choosing to do.  All of these techniques were learned from Tony on his own pursuit of being the best in what he chooses, since exiting being a professional athlete, Tony has focused on human performance, maximizing potential, and healing.

Through his efforts he realized that matter (the actual solid physical world) was 0.00001% and the other 99.99999% was energy.

When he understood this, he then asked the question …..“What controls the energy?”

The answer: The Mind   

I believe WeTransced’s Method would serve anyone with the knowledge and modalities to get the most out of themselves.

Brent Kite
National Rugby League Champion

“WeTranscend has helped my business partner and I go to next levels in all areas of our lives & businesses. After an injury to my brain caused neurological problems and negative neuro pathways, the use of WeTranscend’s System helped me overcome huge obstacles on my healing journey.”

Samantha Wyatt
Clean Eating Lifestyle Transformation Coach

I strongly believe this would have helped me so much with my professional career and would be great to use in strengthening the mind of players in any profession.

Nathan Cayless
National Rugby League Champion

I have seen so many changes for myself, witnessed such greatness and love, that I entrusted my own daughter’s mindset with the amazing team at WeTranscend

Tanya Target
Founder & International Media Coach
Winning Publicity

Over the last 18 months my awareness has grown hugely in how powerful a free mind is over a mind that contains tension and stress. Most people understand that but very few people experience what it’s like. To be free, and I mean truly free from any negative emotions opens up a world of power which I had felt many times before and my desire was to experience it intentionally and whenever I wanted.”

John Templeton
Muscle Up World Record Holder, Coach & World CrossFit Champion

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!